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Charga was officially founded in 2015, though the idea of what Charga is today, came about around 2013.

In 2013, after a long day at the office, I went to a bar with a friend, my phone like most days was at 15% battery life. We had a drink, at that point it was at 5%. I asked the manager at that bar if he could charge my phone. He said sure and naturally took my phone away from me to charge it in the back of the bar. I turned to my friend at that point and said “Wouldn’t it be nice to charge my phone here at the table in front of me? That’s how our journey with Charga began…

A simple question of inconvenience to my friend at a bar started this business that we believe makes life easier for our consumers with a variety of more affordable solutions for everyday problems.

Charga. #PowerUp


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8 Saddle Drive, Woodmead Office Park, Woodmead, Sandton, 2146

+27 10 005 5510


+27 10 005 5510

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