CHARGA Table Talker

Table talkers have been used in restaurants, bars, at events, hotels for many years as a form of product or service advertising. This product is similar to the average table talker with a unique twist… it has a CHARGA at the base. Small in size at 160mm in length, weighing only 650g and packing a huge 13 000mAh of power.

This CHARGA comes in 4 different colours mainly silver, black, grey and a wood like finish, a standard acrylic stand for your advertising. LED light switch (for colourful night use) as well as a locking cable to the device.

This unique CHARGA can charge 4 phones simultaneously at 1% per minute and will charge your phone in about an hour. It’s a safe, fast and convenient charge at your fingertips. Eat your dinner, sip your coffee or just talk to friends. This table talker charger takes only 3 hours to charge and will last up to 12 hours.


Weight: 650g

Size: 160mm

Capacity: 13 000mAh 

Input: DC5.0V/2A

Output: DC5.0V/2.4A max